Acne Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will it Take for Me to See Results?

Generally speaking, most of our clients begin to see clear skin at around three to four months. Results do vary based on your acne type and how well you follow our directions for your home routine.

What Can I Expect to Pay?

Every visit is $75 and includes a skin evaluation, an adjustment to your home routine, and an acne treatment ( extraction, hydration, or exfoliating peel), depending on what your skin needs.

*Products are not included in this price.

How Long Will the Appointments Last?

Appointments typically last between 30-45 minutes, depending on where we’re at with the program and what is needed during each visit. As your acne clears up, the treatments and skin evaluations will take up less time.

Can I Still Use the Products I Already Have at Home?

Because many over-the-counter skin care products contain ingredients that irritate the skin and cause blockages in pores, we suggest you commit to only using our products. We know exactly how our own products work, so it will help us point you in the right direction and know how best to adjust your home regimen if your skin’s condition is only being affected by a single source.


What Will I Need to Bring to the Consultation?

First time clients visiting us for acne treatment will need to bring every skin care product they use at home so that we can go over the ingredients and look for triggers causing breakouts. Also, they’ll need to provide a lot of information about their lifestyle regarding eating habits (specifically salts used at home), use of hair products and cosmetics, any current medication, etc.

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Acne Treatment Plan?

Anyone who suffers from acne and dreams of clear skin can benefit from our program. We can help treat mild, moderate, and severe cases.

What Does Your Acne Treatment Plan Offer Me That Others Don’t?

There are many acne solutions on the market today, but most of them offer you medication and/or products without coaching you on how to properly utilize them. We work to not only treat the symptoms of acne but also to find the root cause and any contributing lifestyle factors. We show you exactly how to use our products and continue to customize your regimen every two weeks to ensure that your skin doesn’t adapt too quickly and stop responding. Our certified acne specialists provide effective and modern acne treatments that work in alliance with your personalized skin care routine, and because we’re with you step by step, you’re always under the guidance of an experienced professional.

What Will I Need to Do at Home?

Our skilled acne specialists will equip you with clear and specific directions on how to use your new skin care products as well as what lifestyle changes you can make to cut down on your acne triggers. You’ll come to our location twice a month for us to assess and promote your progress,  but a large part of your success with our program depends on your commitment to following through correctly with your home regimen.

What Kind of Acne Treatment Will I Receive?

The type of acne treatment you’ll receive will vary appointment to appointment and will depend on what your acne specialist thinks will best nourish your skin at that specific time. For example, if your skin is looking a bit dried out, the best remedy would be a hydration treatment. Exfoliating and extracting, along with destroying the bacteria inside your pores, are other possible options.

What Happens After My Skin Clears Up? How Do I Keep It Blemish-Free?

After your skin clears up, you’ll no longer need to come see us every two weeks. You will, however, need to stick with a steady and consistent home routine, preferably still using our products. If you would like us to keep an eye on your complexion, continue to make suggestions on how to update your skin care regimen, and give you treatments to prevent breakouts from recurring, we suggest coming in every four to six weeks.

Are Your Products and Treatments Safe for Sensitive Skin?

Yes, our products are safe for all skin types. We’ll do a skin test during your first appointment with us to define your skin type and tolerance level. If you are prone to sensitive skin, we’ll start you out on a lower strength and ease you into the home-care regimen so as to avoid any irritation. We’ll also evaluate your skin every time you come in to see us, and any modifications to your regimen or suggestions for treatments will not exceed what your skin can handle.

Do You Help With Acne Scarring or Dark Spots?

Yes, we help with acne scarring and dark spots. After we have treated your acne and gotten it under control, we’ll have a consultation to see if any corrective skin care treatment is needed. Because it all depends on how your skin heals, you’ll have to wait until after treatment to speak with your esthetician about what service is right for you.

What If I Can’t Make It to Your Office?

You can still take advantage of our program and receive expert coaching if you are unable to make it into our office. Virtual consultations are offered through Skype, Google Hangout, and Facetime. Although you won’t be here for a physical acne treatment, you’ll still have your skin concerns addressed, current lifestyle and product use analyzed for acne triggers, product suggestions for your customized home routine, and regular follow-ups with Colorado esthetician, Karen Martiz.

Didn’t Find the Answers to All Your Questions?

If we left something out you are curious about, feel free to email us at or give us a call at 303-578-3666. We’d love to help you out!