About the Acne Visits

What Will the Consultation Be Like?

When you come in for your initial consultation, you’ll meet with a certified acne specialist who’ll talk with you about your current skin concerns, what changes you hope to see, and what your typical skin care regimen is like. We’ll give you a skin test to identify your acne type and narrow down any sensitivities your skin might have, and then we’ll go over some of your possible acne triggers (diet, stress, cosmetics, medications, etc.). You’ll receive some suggestions on what products would be best for your skin as well as coaching on how to use them the correct way to get the fastest and clearest results. Finally, if you choose to get an in-house acne treatment during your consultation, your esthetician will give you the service best fitted for your skin at that time. Depending on your complexion’s condition, you’ll receive either a hydrating, exfoliating, or extracting treatment.

What Happens Next?

You’ll continue to use the products at home as directed by your acne specialist, and you’ll come into our office twice a month so we can check in on your healing. From there, we’ll modify your product use based on how your skin is reacting and then recommend an acne treatment that will benefit your skin’s current state. You’ll continue this routine until your skin is clear and healthy. With us being there for you every step of the way, you’ll likely see major improvement at around twelve weeks.