Brazilian Waxing Westminster, CO

What to Expect from your Brazilian Waxing Appointment

How would you like to go Weeks without having to shave?
Brazilian Waxing has many benefits, whether you want to bare all for appearance, comfort or for simplicity, Brazillian Waxing can provide.

At Skin Cleaners, you’re not just another potential contract, rushed in an out in an effort to get as many people in as possible. We put every client’s comfort first, providing you with the most relaxing Waxing Services Denver has to offer! You’re not just a number to us! Our no-pressure sales approach lets you get your services done without pushy salespeople pressuring you into contracts.

When you come to Skin Cleaners for a Brazillian Wax, one of our highly skilled waxing experts will escort you to a private waxing room where we use a specially formulated “hard wax,” designed for your comfort. This special type of wax “shrink-wraps,” around the hair rather than sticking to the skin to safely, and more comfortably remove every hair. Because it does not rip the skin off, as some strip waxes can do, ingrown hairs and irritations are less common, providing you with the most pain-free waxing experience possible.

We quickly, but thoroughly complete your appointment with your comfort and needs in mind, ending every treatment with customized soothing Skin Care designed for your needs.

Just because colder weather is on the way doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your waxing! Book today, and new client’s will receive %20 off their first appointment!