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What to Expect from your Brazilian Waxing Appointment

How would you like to go Weeks without having to shave?
Brazilian Waxing has many benefits, whether you want to bare all for appearance, comfort or for simplicity, Brazillian Waxing can provide.

At Skin Cleaners, you’re not just another potential contract, rushed in an out in an effort to get as many people in as possible. We put every client’s comfort first, providing you with the most relaxing Waxing Services Denver has to offer! You’re not just a number to us! Our no-pressure sales approach lets you get your services done without pushy salespeople pressuring you into contracts.

When you come to Skin Cleaners for a Brazillian Wax, one of our highly skilled waxing experts will escort you to a private waxing room where we use a specially formulated “hard wax,” designed for your comfort. This special type of wax “shrink-wraps,” around the hair rather than sticking to the skin to safely, and more comfortably remove every hair. Because it does not rip the skin off, as some strip waxes can do, ingrown hairs and irritations are less common, providing you with the most pain-free waxing experience possible.

We quickly, but thoroughly complete your appointment with your comfort and needs in mind, ending every treatment with customized soothing Skin Care designed for your needs.

Just because colder weather is on the way doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your waxing! Book today, and new client’s will receive %20 off their first appointment!

Do You Crave Clear Skin? Here are the Foods You Should be Eating

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat,” and this couldn’t ring more true when it comes to skin care. Although everyone loves a piece of candy here or a helping of french fries there, we need to understand that every food we eat will have an effect on our bodies, skin, and overall health. Once food is ingested, our bodies break it down into its essential nutrients, vitamins and amino acids— the majority of which are then used as the building blocks for our bodily organs and… you guessed it, skin.

So, if you aren’t providing your body with the best ingredients for clear skin, you probably won’t have the skin tone you could. For example, grease and processed sugars aren’t just undesirable for their fat-producing properties, but they can cause oily skin, uneven complexions, and acne breakouts as well. But fear not, it isn’t all doom and gloom. There are plenty of healthy foods to eat that while beneficial for clear skin, taste great as well.


Not only are avocados known for being a great source of healthy fats and nutrients, they also contain Vitamin E— a substance known for boosting the luminosity of one’s complexion. Other research has been conducted to prove avocado oil’s ability to increase collagen production as well as citing vitamin C’s anti-inflammatory effects. So whether your next serving of avocado is in a side of guacamole or on your turkey sandwich, rest assured it will be doing great things for your skin.


More specifically, dark berries that contain more antioxidants. While all fruit is no doubt great for your health, it is the darker colors, like blueberries or blackberries, that contain the most skin-clearing properties. Besides just eating them plain though, try incorporating them into a green smoothie to start off your morning with a healthy energy boost.


Perfect for flavoring smoothies, teas, and other drinks, mint leaves are also a great product to add to your daily diet. We highly recommend peppermint tea as its calming and healing properties are going to leave you with more than just clear skin! Especially as we approach the dead of winter, you will appreciate the steaming cup of tea when temperatures are frigid outside.


There are so many health benefits from eating nuts that it is hard to focus on just one, but the high mineral content (especially in zinc and selenium) are believed to be linked to acne. Selenium will also increase your white blood cell count and as a result, enhance your ability to fight infections and strengthen your immune system.


Yes, we know it’s simple, but water is honestly one of the best (and cheapest) ways to get clear skin. Not only will it help rid your body of unwanted toxins, but high water intake has been linked to clearer, more hydrated skin and a better functioning brain. While there is no required amount of water to drink per day, studies show that your body will let you know when it is dehydrated, and as a result, you should always keep a glass of water nearby— either on a desk at work or in a bottle in your purse.

As an added benefit, replacing the soda products or sugary drinks from your daily routine with a simple glass of water will significantly improve your health by eliminating the unnatural sugars and chemicals present in most processed drinks.


While vegetarians and vegans are extremely familiar with this soybean-based product, the carnivorous portion of the population is probably less keen on trying a meat replacement product. But in all seriousness, there is no better way to increase your daily serving of protein in a healthy way and tofu absorbs the flavor of anything it’s cooked with— making it perfect for salads, a filling for lasagna or casseroles, and even tacos. In addition to a high protein content, tofu is also packed with calcium and healthy unsaturated fats; the perfect building blocks for clear skin.

We also recommend brown rice, any sort of green vegetable, garlic, eggs, and acai, but the list could go on for days. Because we have only listed a few of the numerous foods you can eat to improve your skin tone, conduct a bit of research to further your knowledge on the subject if you are interested in pursuing a healthy, skincare focused diet.

Skin Care at Home: 3 Remedies to Unclog and Minimize Pores

Keeping pores clear is important when it comes to maintaining a clear, glowing complexion, and while there are many professional skin care options available that can help greatly (such as our micro-needling service!), it’s always beneficial to have a go-to home treatment option if you don’t have the time or resources to schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that what works for someone else might not be the right solution for you, but here are a few pore-cleansing remedies to try out so that you can bring the spa right to your home.

  • Dry Brushing

Dry brushing has become a popular DIY method of exfoliating the skin; it involves using a dry brush to gently remove dead skin cells and toxins from the surface, helping to unclog pores and let new, healthy cells emerge.

How does it work? First off, wash your face and let it dry. Then take your dry brush and slowly and gently make circular movements, starting with your neck and moving upwards; apply enough pressure that you feel a tingling sensation but not enough so that it scratches or irritates your skin. After you do this for about a minute, wash the dead skin cells off with lukewarm water, and finish the process by applying a pore-cleansing moisturizer. For best results, do this at least once a week.

  1. Icing the Face

People have been icing their faces in the name of beauty for years, and many individuals testify that the cold temperature helps rejuvenate dull looking skin and tighten up the appearance of large pores.

How does it work? Simply take one or two ice cubes and wrap them in a thin wash cloth (applying ice straight to your face can dry out and irritate the skin). Allow the ice cubes to melt a little bit and massage the cloth over your face for one or two minutes. You’re done; it doesn’t get more cost-effective than that! Try to incorporate this into your daily skin care routine.

  1. Steaming from Home

Much like how a sauna works, steaming your face at home helps you sweat out impurities and toxins that are rooted in your skin and contribute to clogged pores, and therefore, it also allows products to penetrate your skin more easily and be more effective. The best part is that no special products or materials are needed, but feel free to add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to the water to increase the benefits of this process; tea tree and peppermint oil would be good additions to help reduce the size of pores.

How does it work? Start by bringing a medium sized pot to a boil, and either let the water sit for a few minutes to cool down or transfer it to another pot. Then, carefully take the hot water to a table and bring a towel with you. Arrange your seating so that you are comfortable, and lean over the water so that you feel the heat without being overwhelmed by it. Place the towel over your head and the pot of water and “steam” your face for about ten minutes (doing this for too long can dry out your complexion). Finally, cleanse your face to rinse off any sweat or impurities and apply your choice of moisturizer. Limit this remedy to one time per week to avoid dehydrating your skin.

Balancing home remedies with professional treatments can be an effective way to reduce the size of pores and keep your skin looking smooth and radiant. Have fun giving these methods a try, and always feel free to get in touch with us if you’re looking for advanced skin care solutions!

How to Care for Your Skin in High Altitude Climates

If, like us, you live at a high altitude, you have probably noticed the negative toll it takes on your skin. But at Skin Cleaners in Westminster, Colorado, we found a solution. We have learned to accommodate our nickname, “The Mile High City,” and simply incorporate products into our daily routine that ensure our skin is never dried out or flaky.  If you’re interested in hearing more about our specific recommendations, make sure to read on!

Essential Products

Hyaluronic acid is used for a variety of reasons because it is a naturally occurring substance in the body and therefore has little, if any, negative side effects. More specifically, it can treat arthritis, burns, or skin-related issues— such as those one might experience at high altitudes. For these reasons, we highly recommend receiving a hyaluronic filler that not only supports your facial structure but also softens the effects of aging.

Coupling this treatment with Iluma’s Intense Brightening Créme with Vectorize-Technology will ensure you are no longer the victim of premature age spots or hyperpigmentation that can occur in climates with less oxygen available.

Skincare products containing Vitamin C can also be a valuable addition to your regimen, as it is widely known to support the production of healthy collagen, a substance found in connective tissue that is great at filling wrinkles.

Stay Hydrated

After choosing the products for a regular skincare routine, ensure that you are always hydrated. Drinking the proper amount of water for your body will aid in digestion, circulation, and skin health by ridding your body of toxins and producing that desired radiant complexion. It is important to realize though that ingested water will be delivered to other organs before the skin, so you should also supplement your daily glasses of water with a moisturizer and other hydrating products.

For example, the hyaluronic acid mentioned above holds 1,000 times its own weight in water, and when applied, will allow your skin to retain more moisture and prevent unwanted dryness.

Other Helpful Tips

  •      Apply your skincare products immediately after you have showered. The heat and steam will have opened your pores, leaving them more able to benefit from your moisturizer, toner, or cream.
  •      Always wear sunscreen. Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can’t damage your skin. Sunburn is still possible in the winter months! You can also throw on a cute knit hat to further prevent sun damage.
  •      Exfoliate at least two-three times per week to prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells— something that could block your pores and lead to acne.
  •      Generously moisturize. We cannot stress this point enough considering high altitudes almost always lead to dry and flaky skin.

Armed with a few new secrets to living at high altitudes, we hope that your skin stays healthy and glowing for the coming months. If you have discovered other promising products and methods to prevent dryness, especially in Colorado, be sure to let us know.

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Colder Weather means it’s ACNE Season!

As the seasons change, and Autumn is here, we enter into the most common time for Acne. The change in weather means dryer air and less humidity which can dehydrate the skin and cause a build up of dead skin cells and an over production of oil. This means you’re more likely to break out this time of year than any other!

But don’t worry! At Skin Cleaners, we’re Acne Experts! We provide the best and most thorough approach to Acne Treatment that Westminster, Denver, and Colorado have to offer!

Our Specialized and targeted Acne approach goes deeper than just the surface. We attack breakouts from every angle, and from the inside out. We view Acne as not just a surface problem, so our proven medical approach is guaranteed to work. Once on our Acne Program, we work with you and your specific needs to clear your skin!

No two cases of Ace are the same, so why should your Acne treatment be that way?   Our products are designed to fit any budget, and our treatments are aimed at pinpointing the cause of each person’s individual case.

We understand just how important skin can be, and how frustrating acne can be as well. At Skin Cleaners, you and your skin are in expert hands. Just check out our reviews and results!

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