Choosing Between a Dermatologist or an Acne Specialist

For many people who suffer from moderate to severe cases of acne, seeking professional guidance and advice is a logical step to make when trying to find relief and healing. Dermatologists are known for helping with skin-related conditions, so it makes sense that this is the route many people first turn to when trying to win the battle with acne. While the prescription pills and topicals dermatologists recommend can be effective, there are many other powerful, long-lasting, and non-prescription based treatment options that you can receive through a certified acne specialist. If you’re ready for an expert’s help in clearing your complexion, here are a few reasons why seeing one of our acne specialists might be a good first stop:

  • We offer the most modern and effective products and acne treatments with no prescription needed.
  • We utilize a very personal approach. Unlike a fast-paced doctor’s office, we have the time to listen and talk with you about any and all of your skin-related worries and concerns. We’ll get to know your current skin care regimen, along with any treatments you’ve undergone in the past, so that we can better understand the development of your acne.
  • Many acne sufferers find that their acne comes right back after they stop taking their prescription medication. We work hard to find the underlying cause of your breakouts so that we can develop a personalized skin care routine that will both clear your skin and prevent future breakouts.
  • We’ll look at many factors that could be provoking your acne, including your diet and nutrition as well as the ingredients in the beauty products you’ve been using.
  • We’re by your side through the whole process, and we truly believe your success is our success. We don’t suggest a product and leave you on your own to figure out what to do with it. Instead, we’ll show you exactly how to use your products and have you come see us every two weeks so that we can make adjustments to your routine as necessary.
  • In addition to our high quality and ultra-effective products, we also offer specialized acne treatments; exfoliating and hydrating the skin, along with removing acne impactions, are some options we offer to help speed up your progress.
  • You don’t need to physically come into our office for a consultation and expert counseling. If you can’t commute to us, we can coach you through Skype, Google Hangout, etc.