Classic Eyelash Extensions

Chic-Natural Full Set $175

A full set of classic extensions providing 100% lash coverage, giving dimension and curl to the flirty Fashionista looking for that extra dazzle without the drama.

All-Natural half Set $150

A half set of beautiful, eye-defining “classic” style lashes providing 50% lash coverage to give soft, natural enhancement to the eyes. Classic lashes use one synthetic mink lash to your individual natural lash.

Weekly Natural fills $65

2 week Natural fills $75

3 Week Natural Fills $90

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Gorgeous Glam Full Set $220

A full set of gorgeous volume lashes to give the eyes that wow factor while provide full, fluffy, look-at-me lashes.

Simple half Glam Set $175

A half set of “Volume” style lashes. Using a fan of 2-6 ultra-thin synthetic mink lashes, volume sets give fluff and elegant enhancement to the eyes.

Weekly Glam Fills $75

2 week Glam Fills $95

3 week Glam Fills $120

Volume Extravagant Full Set $260

Not for the faint of heart, this ultra-plush set of lashes gives dense, incredible volume. These sets offer lightweight fans of 5+ lashes to enhance and give incredible drama to the lashes.

Weekly Extravagant fills $85

2 week Extravagant fills $110

3 Week Extravagant fills $150


We recommend coming in every 2-3 weeks to maintain fullness, as the lashes naturally shed with your body’s growth-cycle. To avoid a half-set or full set charge, please arrive with no fewer than %40 of your extensions remaining.

Lash Removal $45