Some of us were just not blessed with naturally long and luscious lashes. Thankfully, there are now solutions that entitle everyone to scandalously beautiful eye-framers.

Our high quality, lash extensions are available in many different curves and thicknesses, allowing you to choose your exact look. It’s best to show up to the appointment make-up and contact lens free; it’s also recommended to shower beforehand (not because we’re worried that you’ll stink, but rather because you should avoid getting extensions wet for 24 hours after application). In addition to avoiding moisture, you should also refrain from the following for a two-day period post-procedure: exposure to excessive heat, facial treatments, and touching or applying any pressure to the lashes.


Classic Lashes

Full Set of Classic Lashes    - $150
Half Set of Classic Lashes   - $99
Touch up Classic Lashes     - $50
Touch up Classic Lashes bi-weekly  -$65
Touch up Classic Lashes every three weeks - $80


Volume Lashes

Full Set of Volume Lashes   - $199
Half Set of Volume Lashes  - $160
Touch up Volume Lashes bi-weekly- $85
Touch up Volume Lashes every three weeks - $110