The Perks of Pokes


Let’s be honest, the concept of micro-needling sounds a little terrifying. Hundreds of tiny pricks with super thin needles to the face? It’s every aichmophobiac’s (someone with an acute fear of sharp objects, such as needles) worst nightmare. However, despite the panic-inducing name, this treatment is nearly painless, noninvasive, nonsurgical, and—the best part?—extremely effective.


The procedure works by creating microscopic “wounds.” Obviously, getting poked by a tiny needle isn’t a big deal and it doesn’t create a life-threatening injury, but it still causes emergency signals to be sent to the brain, telling it that repair is needed. The body is always making a bigger deal out of things than it needs to, isn’t it? But in this case, we’re lucky! The body’s reaction to these tiny micro-wounds is to amp up its production of collagen and elastin.


Much to the surprise of many, micro-needling is considered to be one of the effective and safest treatments out there. Causing less damage than procedures like chemical peels, laser treatments, and even microdermabrasion, needling is surprisingly gentle. That said, you should still only trust trained professionals and licensed estheticians to perform the procedure.


The treatment is ideal for all sorts of skin issues; from acne scars to stretch marks and wrinkles to pigmentation problems, the vast majority of people see remarkable results and fading after only a five-minute treatment or two. However, up to four or five treatments may be necessary for more severe issues (such as deep scars and lengthy stretch marks).


If you’re intrigued but still wary (or intrigued and ready to go for it), contact your esthetician to schedule a consultation appointment today! If you’re in the Denver area, we’re offering free consultation visits at Skin Cleaners to all of our interested clients and potential clients. You won’t regret talking about it!