Teachers Referral Program

Teachers play a vital role both in the community and in the lives of children. They are essential to a well-functioning and educated society, but they rarely get the credit or attention that they deserve. Because of this, Skin Cleaners is making it a priority to recognize the hard work of educators in the Denver metro area and show them our appreciation.

However, in order to do this, we’re relying on you (other members of our community) to refer or nominate the teachers that you feel deserve a spa day. After a teacher receives two referrals, they will be eligible to receive a free facial or waxing treatment (valued up to $115). Here’s the way it works:

1. Come in for a treatment at Skin Cleaners. In order to gain a referral opportunity, a community member needs to purchase a service (facials, eyelash extensions, waxing treatment…). There’s nothing like pampering yourself for a good cause! Oh, and did we mention that you’ll receive 20% off?

2. Give a qualifying teacher two referrals. Find a friend or a fellow parent to team up with, and let the Skin Cleaners staff know which educator you’d like to spoil. Qualifying candidates include administrative staff, teachers, and substitute teachers.

3. Give the gift! Let your chosen teacher know that you have worked hard (they don’t need to know that all you had to do was come in for a spa day yourself…right?) to get them a free facial or wax! It will be waiting for them; all that they have to do is waltz in through our doors!

Teachers brighten the days of children worldwide. It’s time for us to brighten theirs!