If you ask people what the most amazing skin care ingredient is, you will undoubtedly receive a wide range of answers. However, when it comes to skin health, dermatologists and estheticians alike swear by the power of a simple vitamin. Vitamin C.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not promoting the practice of dousing your face in lemon or orange juice. Doing so can really dry out your skin. But by using natural skincare products (like John Masters Organics Vitamin C Anti-Aging Face Serum and Circadia’s Vitamin C Reversal Serum) that contain topically applied vitamin C, you can erase years off your complexion and bring out its healthy, vibrant appearance.

Now, you may be asking questions: “How does this even work?” Well let me tell you. Vitamin c is a strong element to the body’s production of collagen, the protein that encourages the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Additionally, it has other perks, too. Research has begun to show that vitamin C can prevent sun damage caused by ultraviolet B radiation. Because of this, it reduces the chance of skin cancer and skin spots. Vitamin C has also been shown to neutralize free radicals (unstable molecules that wreak havoc on collagen while causing the skin to dry out and promoting fine lines and wrinkles). Ultimately, vitamin C is the wonder ingredient. And it’s one that the gorgeous and glowing Halle Berry uses religiously to maintain her flawless complexion.

To attain your own nourished and rejuvenated skin, look into vitamin C options. In addition to natural products, consider coming in for an oxygen facial. At Skin Cleaners, our machine delivers an exceptional rate of 98% oxygen, and we infuse Circadia’s Vitamin C Reversal Serum into our mixture to provide a mind-blowing treatment that penetrates even the deepest levels of the skin.