To Prevent Breakouts, Colorado Esthetician Karen Martiz recommends:

Thanks to genetics and hormones, acne is inevitable for most of us. Luckily, however, there are ways to minimize its spread and effect. Some patience is required; it can take up to eight weeks for the method to take effect and produce a noticeable difference (especially with prescription medications and home remedies). These techniques and tips range from lifestyle choices and habits to products and processes, but each of them offers visible results.

1. Wash, wash, wash! Make sure your pillowcase and pillow are routinely cleaned! Many people operate under the assumption that just washing their pillowcase is enough. But it’s not. Your pillow will still have residue from from dead skin cells, dirt, and oils. Additionally, make it a priority to remove the bacteria on your cell phone and other everyday objects.

2. Watch your hands. Hands are notorious for the amount of bacteria and oils they accumulate. Because of this, it’s best to refrain from touching your face as much as possible. Also avoid applying hand cream products before bedtime. When we sleep at night, most of us tend to move and roll, which makes it hard to know if our hands are coming into contact with our face. At Skin Cleaners, we’re huge advocates of hand creams and lotions; however, we strongly recommend that you apply them during the day when you can control where you rest your hands.

3. Introduce new products gradually. Using a bunch of skin care products without keeping track of what is working is a recipe for disaster. Try to stick to one product for at least three weeks before trying something new.

4. Eat and drink right. When you eat skin-healthy foods—such as avocados, salmon, dark leafy greens, nuts, and so much more—your skin will show it. Healthy and hydrated skin is the product of a healthy and hydrating diet. On the other hand, when you fill your body with junk (especially greasy, fried, and processed foods) and deprive it of water, your skin will become cloudy and prone to ruthless breakouts.

5. Clean and moisturize daily! While washing skin once or twice a day makes perfect sense to most people, frequent moisturizing tends to send up red flags to many acne sufferers. But don’t be fooled! A lightweight moisturizer can work wonders for acne-prone skin.