Virtual Consultation with Skin Cleaners

Need expert skin care coaching but can’t make it to our Westminster location? No problem; if you can’t make it into our office, you can still receive professional advice from Colorado esthetician, Karen Martiz. Through video chat (Google Hangout, Skype, Facetime, etc.), Karen will recommend a personalized regimen based on our proven system and provide you with comprehensive skin care coaching that will get you on the right track to acne-free skin.

What Does the Virtual Consultation Include?

Your virtual consultation will cover a wide variety of information to help your acne specialist understand your skin type and some possible factors that could be aggravating your acne. Here’s what to expect from your first appointment:

Q&A Session About Your Skin Concerns

In order for your esthetician to help you get the results you want, it’s important to understand what your most pressing skin concerns are as well what your goals and expectations are for this program. This will help us clarify some information regarding your current skin care routine and any past treatments you’ve had done so that we can get you pointed in the right direction for treatment.

Detailed Discussion of Your Diet and Nutrition

What you put into your body can play a significant role in your breakouts, and your acne specialist will ask for some detailed information about your nutrition. The food you habitually eat, beverages you regularly drink, and vitamins/supplements you routinely take can all contribute to deficiencies in some areas and excessive intake in others. We’ll help you refocus some of your dietary habits to benefit the health of your skin.

Show and Tell of Your Products

We’ll ask that you bring all of your skin care and hair products, cosmetics, and medications with you to the consultation. Your esthetician will look at the ingredients listed in your products and determine if there are any acne-causing agents you should avoid.

What Happens Next?

We’ll take all the information we just learned about you, along with what we can see of your skin through the video chat, and determine your skin type. From there, we’ll recommend the best combination of our products suitable for your skin, and we’ll develop a detailed and customized home regimen for you to follow. We’ll check in with you every two weeks either by phone, email, or video chat to see how your skin is doing and if we need to modify your home regimen.

When Will I See Results With a Virtual Consultation?

If you follow our specific directions regarding your product use and follow through with our suggested lifestyle changes, you should see results at around 90 days.

What Do the Virtual Consultations Cost?

Each virtual appointment is $50 plus the cost of your products.

Want to Make an Appointment?

Contact us today at or call us at 303-578-3666.